Choosing a Wine to Compliment Your Choice of Meal 

Wine at The Side Door RestaurantA fabulous meal is one that is cooked with love and full of flavour. To further enhance the taste of your meal, you may choose to pair a wine that complements your choice of meat.

At The Side Door Restaurant, our extensive drinks menu offers a range of wines. We love to showcase the wonderful local produce and wines that the South West and Western Australia have to offer.

Choosing a wine to compliment your choice of meal.

Wondering what type of wine will compliment your choice of meal?

  • Red Meats
  • Fish and Seafoods
  • Chicken and Poultry

Red Meats

Chardonnay is typically a dry, white wine that is fresh, crisp and fruity and pairs well to enhance the flavours of pork. If you are enjoying lamb and are a red wine enthusiast, Pinot Noir is a velvety smooth red wine with raspberry and plum flavours. If a steak or grilled red meat is your choice of meat, the red fruits and low acidity of a Merlot pairs well. If your choice of meat is a rib eye or beef cheeks, cabernet sauvignon is a popular red wine to enhance the flavour.

Fish and Seafoods

TSD - Tuna

White wines are the most popular choice to compliment fish and seafood dishes. Chardonnay pairs well with fish especially salmon. Sauvignon Blanc is a popular white wine that is admired for its crips flavours and trademark acidity. If eating oysters, scallops or prawns, Sauvignon Blanc and sparkling wines complement their flavours.

Chicken and Poultry

When eating chicken or turkey, a glass of Sauvignon Blanc pairs well. In fact, chicken has several wines that enhances its flavour including Chardonnay for those who prefer a white wine and Pinot Noir for those who prefer red. If you are enjoying duck as your meat of choice, the floral aromas and flavours of a Riesling will leave your tastebuds wanting more.

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Chef Chris has world class training and experience in kitchens around the world. The food he has experienced allows him to showcase his favourite dishes and he and Kathy will happily recommend a wine from their extensive drinks menu that will complement your meal.

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